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“A recyclable is an old item that can be made into something new. I’m talking about things like plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and glass items”


“To ‘reduce’, means people should only take as much of any item as they need. For example, when you grab some napkins at your favorite restaurant or you’re some place that allows you to take as many items as you want, only take as many as you NEED. This way, the extras won’t go to waste.

Waste equals trash.”


“Reuse means to take an item that was used for one thing on the past and then use it for something else later,” Traxx explains. “An example would be, when you take a used plastic container, wash it, and reuse it as a bowl, or a bank for your coins, or a place to keep you crayons. When you’re completely done using it, then it can be recycled.”

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